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Accredited Paternal Mental Health Basic Awareness Course

New: Accredited Paternal Mental Health Course Working alongside Dr Jane Hanley Training organisation we are pleased to offer  CPD Certified as conforning to continuing professional development principles on: Fathers and Paternal Depression (10426) This 3 hour course will be delivered by Mark Williams ( Campaigner, Author and Keynote Speaker) What is paternal depression? How does […]

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Are they missing a trick by not including Dads in Nice Guidelines?

Whilst reading the newly published IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) manual this week, I couldn’t help thinking they’d missed a trick. It’s great to see the ‘Antenatal and Postnatal Mental Health NICE Guideline’ quoted and reference made to perinatal priority for mums, but what about Dads, partners and other loved ones who may have […]

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The Legacy of Unresolved Trauma for Men- International Fathers Mental Health Day

The Legacy of Unresolved Trauma for Men Given WHO statistics that 1 in 4 women have been sexually abused and 1 in 6 men that means a huge number of people in each community are survivors of sexual abuse. It is a shameful secretive crime held in place by silence, children are threatened, told they […]

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Dad’s Decision – International Fathers Mental Health Day. Written by Dr Laura Goodwin (@laurakgoodwin), Dr Albert Farre, and Professor Sara Kenyon

Dad’s decision? Choosing where your baby is born   Written by Dr Laura Goodwin (@laurakgoodwin), Dr Albert Farre, and Professor Sara Kenyon Gone are the days where men would be sat in the waiting room with a cigar in one hand and a whiskey in the other, waiting for the cry of “it’s a boy/girl” […]

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Daddy Blues by Mark Williams

DADDY BLUES by Mark Williams 9781911246770 | Paperback | £11.99 11th July 2018 For men, fathers and families who are looking for some light at the end of a dark tunnel: Daddy Blues tells the inspiring story of one man’s experience with postnatal depression Mark Williams led a content life; from a working-class background, he […]

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International Fathers’ Mental Health Day, June 18th. It’s time we looked out for dad

On June 18th, International Fathers’ Mental Health Day will raise awareness globally about the need to get better support for dads. Around 10% of fathers can experience mental health problems in the first year following the birth of their child. The international campaign is being led from the UK by Dr Andrew Mayers (a mental […]

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Meeting with Luciana Berger, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Mental Health

I recently met Luciana Berger, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Mental Health, to explain that fathers can also suffer with mental ill health and how this impacts on the family. Luciana was appointed to the role in September 2015 and has already been in great demand, so I was delighted to have the opportunity of discussing the […]

World Maternal Mental Health Day

Organisations from around the world are leading efforts to raise awareness about maternal mental health through a collective social media push and in-country events. Mark Williams, from Ogmore Vale, Bridgend, Wales will be leading the global work for Dads’ Mental Health. Mark’s is one of the feworganisations to tackle the importance of fathers’ mental health and will […]

International Fathers’ Mental Health Day

While considerable media and popular attention is devoted to maternal mental health issues, there has been less focus on the experiences of dads. International Fathers’ Mental Health Day (IFMHD) is an annual global event first launched in 2016 which gives voice to issues unique to men as they transition to fatherhood—their strengths, difficulties, and needs. Although most […]

Mark Williams Author, Keynote Speaker, International Campaigner and Trainer.

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