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I’m going into Schools, Organisations, Prison Services Too – Fathers – Men’s – ADHD – Mental Health and Motivation Talks and Workshops.

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Since being diagnosed with ADHD – Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder at the age of 40 and Dyslexia I have found it has so many positives in my life when you know what you are up against. I think is that I need a life that is not the same each day as I tend to […]

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Do you want to read some journals on Paternal Mental Health?

For many years the mental health issues of new fathers were ignored, but this is changing and awareness, assessment, recognition and treatment are improving If you are interested or maybe would like to publish an article yourself? Please let me know! Here is a link below for The Nursing Times Journal we put together in […]

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Media Attention for Fathers Mental Health!

If you’re looking to get media coverage on fathers mental health or writing for magazine all can take time for myself but most important it can raise on the importance of fathers mental health. I’m always open to do free talks and articles for everyone while having roughly around £400 which was put back into […]

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Its a Global Concern! Paternal Mental Health

Becoming a parent is a transitional time in life – it can feel like everything has changed in a very short space of time. It’s also the time when you need the most support, from colleagues, family and possibly most importantly – from your friends. But a worrying new survey has found that around one […]

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Thanks to the Prime Minister – Mark Williams Fathers Reaching Out

I want to think everyone including my wife Michelle who have supported me becoming a mental health campaigner supporting other fathers with their mental wellbeing, after receiving a Points of Light award! I realised there very little support was available for new fathers and decided to establish ‘International Fathers’ Mental Health Day’. With 1 in […]

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Fathers and Perinatal Mental Health Book

It is only in recent years that there has been development in the awareness of the father’s mental health. Yet, the father’s mental health can influence the mother, the infant, the family and society. This book seeks to address the reasons why the father or the potential father could suffer from a mental disorder or […]

Mark Williams – Fathers Reaching Out Film 2013

Heads Together – Michelle and Mark Williams

Why fathers need support for their Mental Health too!

Paternal Mental Health Campaign in Parliament