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“Dear Mark, I would like to say that the work you have been doing about fathers is really valuable. There is now much attention given to perinatal mental illness in mothers, but the suffering of fathers, and how this can affect the rest of the family remains largely neglected. You speak eloquently on this and have really helped to bring awareness of this important topic to the wider public.” Vivette Glover, Professor of Perinatal Psychobiology, Imperial College London

“Mark is a tower of inspiration, strength and dedication when speaking out for dads and families. It’s a pleasure and privilege working with him.”
Dr Alain Gregoire, Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Perinatal Psychiatry and Chair, Maternal Mental Health Alliance

“Mark Williams is a force of nature and has done a huge amount to raise awareness of perinatal mental health. By talking about his experiences he has focussed our attention on the effects that perinatal mental illness can have on the family including partners and reminded us of the importance of Dads. The world of Maternal Mental Health owes Mark a huge vote of thanks.”
Professor Ian Jones, Director, National Centre for Mental Health

“Mark is a pioneer for Dads’ mental health and awareness for fathers’ perinatal mental health. I have trained Mark in perinatal mental health and included his work in my book “Listening Skills for Health Professionals” on Fathers. Mark is also a trainer for my own training organisations for health visitors and midwives and an interactive and passionate speaker.” Dr Jane Hanley Author Perinatal Mental Health for Professionals and Past International Marce Society President.

“Thank you Mark. It’s heartening to know that there has been that kind of positive effect. I greatly admire your work.” Dr Paul RamchandaniFaculty of MedicineDepartment of Medicine. Reader in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Mark Williams, founder of International Fathers Mental Health Day, speaker, author, and campaigner is a pioneer for mental health. He’s shedding bright light on the need for more and better care for families afflicted by mental illness. Mark knows that people—especially men–often don’t talk about their depression and anxiety, yet he finds ways to reach them. His creative, insightful approach to helping others and raising awareness is refreshing and inspiring.
—Kristina Cowan, journalist and author of When Postpartum Packs a Punch: Fighting Back and Finding Joy, Chicago, Illinois

“Mark Williams is a community champion who is dedicated and committed to supporting the most vulnerable members of our society. He selfishly works to help those in need and we must commend his bravery in coming forward and sharing his story so others can benefit.” Gareth Presch – Founder, World Health Innovation Summit

“Mark has brilliantly spearheaded the need for society to sit up and take notice of the importance of fathers and their role in parenting and how they too can struggle with post-natal mental health issues” Jenny Burns, Perinatal Mental Health Project Manager for Two in Mind, Cardiff

Dads’ mental health has for too long been an unspoken issue but Mark and his organisation are doing outstanding work in providing support and at long last highlighting this vital issue.
Maureen Treadwell, Birth Trauma Association.

“I have heard Mark speak at a number of events about the relevance and importance of fathers in the field of perinatal mental health.  Not only with regard to their role in supporting mothers, but also regarding the very real effect on their own mental health needs.  Mark is passionate about the role of fathers in this area and is an enthusiastic campaigner ensuring services, training and conversations in this field involve and include fathers.  It is often easy to focus on the mum and child and Mark, rightly so, reminds everyone to keep dad in mind too.”  Beckie Lang, Health and Research Manager, Tommy’s the baby charity.

“We are all inspired by your work Mark.”
Mr Raja Gangopadhyay, Consultant Obstetrician and Perinatal Mental Health Lead, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

“Mark Williams’ campaigning work has really raised the issues of fathers with mental health problems, he combines a strong personal experience in the field with expert knowledge and a strong presentation style, his message helps raise awareness and break down barriers around the subject.” Antony Metcalfe, Programme Manager, Time To Change Wales

“Through his energetic campaigning, Mark has put the topic of pre-natal and post-natal depression for Dads firmly on the policy agenda, and raised awareness of men’s mental health in an area too few were speaking out about. He and his co-campaigners are doing a great service for men’s mental health”. Huw Irranca Davies, Labour MP

“Thank you for speaking at the Improving the Quality of Perinatal Mental Health Services conference on Thursday 11 December 2014. The feedback was excellent and will  ask you to speak at this event again and you may be intrested in speaking in other areas of Mental Health for us too.” Healthcare Conferences UK

“Mark is a hugely powerful and compelling speaker who brought honest and genuine insight to the NSPCC’s ‘Dad Project’ report which we published with the Design Council in 2015. He uses the power of personal experience to speak up for dads and presses home the importance of ensuring dads get the meaningful support they deserve.”  Chris Cuthbert NSPCC

“Mark Williams is (by my book) the leading voice in the UK on Fathers’ Mental Health”.  Dr Andrew Mayers

“Thank you so much for attending our World Suicide Prevention Day Conference yesterday and making the event such a success.  Karen and I really appreciate you making the journey over from South Wales to share your knowledge and personal experiences with our delegates. I hope you enjoyed the conference and that your journey home was not too arduous.”

“Your contribution was absolutely spot-on. Really inspirational and moving.  Your personal story is incredibly powerful and your enthusiasm and dynamism is infectious.Your workshop session was very well-received and all the feedback I received (both formal and informal) was positive.” Matt Williams,World Suicide Prevention Day Conferance. NHS

Participants were asked what were the most valuable aspect of the conference and 11 of them specifically mentioned your talk. A couple of people even wrote that the event could have been improved by giving you longer to speak! When asked how they’d apply their learning in practice at least 10 people specifically mentioned that they’d be more aware of fathers/partners – you clearly raised a lot of awareness with them and highlighted gaps in the way they currently work. Tracey Robinson Programme Manager Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust

“Awesome to work with. Incredibly organised, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work.” NHS Flying Start.

You have done two talks for us in the past for maternity support workers at conferences and I have been asked to arrange a study day for midwives in North Wales on perinatal mental health. I wondered if you would be willing to speak at the day as you had such good feedback from the last sessions you attended for us? Nicola James Learning Organiser Wales  The Royal College of Midwives

“Listening to Mark Williams speak is an experience to be remembered! His energy, passion and purpose for helping families affected by perinatal mental illness has to be taken notice of. Mark shares candidly and freely about the detrimental impact on his wife, himself and their lives following the birth of their beloved baby. His on-going determination to campaign for greater awareness and services, especially for fathers, is breath-taking. Mark also rarely pauses to take a breath as he takes us on a fast roller-coaster ride of Welsh tones! If you need to inspire delegates about the need for more and better services for perinatal mental health, Mark is your man.” Elaine Hanzak

“Your involvement in our PSS Perinatal conference at the Adelphi hotel in Liverpool as guest speaker was illuminating for attendees who gained a wealth of knowledge in PND in Dads and how and why it can present. Your transparency in sharing your own experience at the conference engaged professional attendees in conversation about a subject such as Dads’ PND that they said they had little or no understanding of. Feedback from the day demonstrated this information and knowledge would be used in helping professionals working with families with new babies to identify potential dads at risk and certainly to be much more mindful of the impact on Dad in perinatal period.”   Pauline McPartland PSS PND Project Manager, Liverpool.

“Mark is an inspirational speaker on Post Natal Depression and the impact on fathers. His talks are full of passion and honesty. His dedication to raising awareness of perinatal mental health has been relentless, resulting in a change of attitude towards Dads with PND. Mark has a wealth of experience of working with people affected by mental health and I would recommend him as an expert by experience for consultation or as a speaker. It has been a pleasure to work with him.”  Julie Rawlinson, Service Manager PSS LivPIP ( Liverpool Parent Infant Partnership)

“Mark’s talk was compelling and engaged everyone in the room. He speaks with great sincerity, thoroughness of detail and clarity of purpose, qualities of which are so desperately needed in order to dispel stigma and raise awareness of what is a tragic issue. He needs to be heard.”  Glenn, Communications Officer, Advance Brighter Futures.

“I met Mark through a journey that he started about getting to know more about adhd. From meeting Mark the tables have turned somewhat and Mark has become an amazing friend who inspires me. He has shared his story with me and is now showing me the best way to get the most out of what I want. Thank you Mark a very pure man with a heart for the best things in life…” Zoe Piper ChairpersonADHD Connection.

“Thank you so much for taking the time and the trouble in coming to talk today at the Grand Round here at the MPEC Princess of Wales Hospital. Your feedback shows your passion for what you do, please keep up the good work.  Wendy Jones Senior Medical Educator NHS

Thank you again for speaking and making the day so successful! Nuala Flewett Project Worker Royal College of Psychiatrists

“Mark inspired everyone with his opening talk at the Hay in the Parc festival at HMP Parc” – Phil Forder, G4S

“Mark gave a talk at our Ladies Fundraising Lunch on his experiences of PND. He gave a moving account of how he felt after the birth of his son and of how difficult it was to support his wife during this period in their life. It is really difficult for us to present how Dads suffer from this condition as so many are not able to speak about it. As a result of Mark’s speech we were able to not only raise funds for our counselling service but also to raise awareness of how important it is that Dads are able to access help during this vulnerable time in their life. Thanks to Mark for helping us to encourage more dads to come forward for help” – Jackie WalkerBluebells PND Services, Glasgow,Scotland.

“I came across Mark in 2010/2011 in Huddersfield University when I was suffering with PND and was trying to get my (now ex) husband to understand. Mark gave me an understanding from a male point of view and allowed me to see things from my husband’s perspective as well as my own. I was able to share information with him for the first time.

Meeting Mark was emotional to say the least. He was talking in front of numerous health professionals, charities and people like me that had been through it. He spoke from the heart. Telling us his (and Michelle’s) story. He was open, honest and most importantly passionate. Since then I have been lucky enough to come across Mark on numerous occasions and each time I learn something new. He knows what he is talking about and it comes from the heart because he has been there and proved that you can and will get better.”  Ruth Co-Founder The Smile Group.

“I first met Mark at the IHV for Health Visiting Conference in 2014. The conference was extremely interesting and covered Perinatal Mental Health. Mark spoke alongside Sally Russell Co-Founder of Net-Mums, Professor Vivette Glover, Dan Porter MP, Dr Cheryll Adams, Dr Alain Gregoire, Chris Cuthbert NSPCC and Emeritus Professor John Cox. I have never heard anyone talk about fathers and postnatal depression before and just shows how far Mark has come today to speak alongside the line up of professionals for the future of perinatal mental health”.  Sarah Lewis-James

“The first time I saw Mark was in 2014 at the Si-NI Conference in the orangery. As I was working for a charity, I knew that Mark talked about his own experience would make me fully understand my own family’s hardships. I have emailed Mark a few times since that day and he has always acted professionally when talking about both our hardships of postnatal depression. I was honoured when Mark asked me to write if I wanted for his new social enterprise website about his talks.” Jayne Hollands, Bridgend County Council.

“I’ve known and worked with Mark for many years now and have always been so inspired and uplifted by his dedication, professionalism and hard work to help others. He has more energy and passion for his cause than anyone else I know. He has used his experience to help others personally by raising awareness of postnatal depression and creating and pushing for support for everyone who is affected by it to avoid them going through what he and his family went through. There could not be a better voice and representative for the cause of awareness of perinatal mental health. I finally meet Mark and heard him speak at his conference in Porthcawl in 2013”.  Helen McNallen former trader & founder of Depression Can Be Fun, Author and Mental Health Campaigner.

“I first heard Mark speak at a Perinatal Mental Health conference run by Fathers Reaching out in November 2013. Mark spoke with such conviction, personal drive and passion that I couldn’t help but feel motivated and inspired. Mark evokes emotions, and speaks from personal experience. He takes you on a journey which gives you strength and hope. I had suffered severe PND after the birth of my son in 2010 and much of Mark’s experience resonated with me on a personal level. My husband had been deeply affected by the birth of our son and my period of illness that followed. It was so refreshing to hear a male point of view, to hear of the impact on men and to hear this spoken about openly.” Julie Smith, Family Action.

“Mark spoke at our homeless charity to a group of 20-30 people and talked about his own experience of how a negative time in his life turned to a positive. He inspired the people who used our service and asked many questions in the hour he volunteered his time. The thing that stood out was how Mark was really approachable and talked to people who also give great feedback themselves”.  John Williams Huggard Homeless charity worker.

“Mark pitched his project with others at a Help for Heroes meeting in 2013 about his own experience and the possibility of servicemen coming home from the war zone to the army camp with their partners suffering in silence. Mark also talked about the impact on the father and how many men struggle with so much happening in a short space of time.”  Cyril Macintosh, The Royal British Legion.

“A true inspiration. Mark is an amazing man. His passion, drive and determination to raise awareness and address issues related to mental health and wellbeing is a massive success. He shares his story and specialist knowledge in perinatal mental health. He established a support service for fathers – Fathers Reaching Out – offers training programs for young parents and youth workers and delivers motivational speeches. Mark is gaining media attention for his pioneering work in mental health. He is a true leader and a real inspiration to us all.” Lucy Joyner Mental Health Nurse.

“Mark, we all really enjoyed your training and workshop on Perinatal Mental Health. As you know from the feedback we all enjoyed the day and the way you explained your own experience. We also learned that perinatal mental health is more than postnatal depression. You also got people taking about their own issues around the illness.” 10/10 Mrs Davies Gofal Mental Health Organisation.

The First Mens Mental Health Conferance in Wales. Thank you so much for your help, guidance and support the event was fantastic it wouldnt have been such a success without your help!! I’m looking to make this conference an annual event, I have pencilled in Wednesday 26th October for a potential woman’s mental health or teenager mental health. Would you be interested on working together on these event? Bethany Bowden Events & Facilities Administrator Bridgend College

“Hi Mark, Just listened to Women’s Hour, what a marvellous thing to do! The more fathers can understand postnatal depression the better. Over thirty years ago I lost my dear wife after suffering this horrible experience. At the time I wish that I had understood it more. Good luck – you are so brave and good.” John

“Mark, thank you for speaking and helping us set up the wellbeing sessions for Cardiff City Football Club.” Ashley Thomas.

“Dear Mark,
I would like to thank you for your participation and support of MMHS annual conference, held on Monday 21st March 2016 in Glasgow.
The feedback from the day described your session as very good or excellent. In summing up in one word their experience delegates felt inspired, gained knowledge, motivated and glad they had attended. I also spoke to people on the day and after the conference which was extremely positive. Individuals were ‘blown away’ by the amount of knowledge and information they received on the day.
The overall attendance was around 200 delegates from numerous backgrounds – Maternity, Primary Care, Mental Health, Third Sector and women and their families and friend with lived experience.
Elaine Clark, Chair
Maternal Mental Health Scotland
Women, partners, families & professionals working together


Light bulb moment after hearing Mark William’s presentation”  –  Mark Bradley, Midlothian Sure Start


Mark Williams – inspirational”-  Andie Hewitt, Parent Education Coordinator, NHS Lothian.


Thank you so much for your really fantastic talk today and yesterday. I know the audiences really enjoyed hearing from you. You are such a good speaker and communicate such a lot in terms of experience and work, with great thoughtfulness, honesty, humour and energy. – Dr Liz McDonald, The Royal Collage of Psychiatrists.



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