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Do you want to read some journals on Paternal Mental Health?

For many years the mental health issues of new fathers were ignored, but this is changing and awareness, assessment, recognition and treatment are improving

If you are interested or maybe would like to publish an article yourself? Please let me know! Here is a link below for The Nursing Times Journal we put together in 2017.


How do men cope with pregnancy, childbirth and fatherhood? How do these events affect their mental wellbeing, their relationships with their partners and their attitudes towards their newborn child? Paternal mental health has long been neglected, but we now know that it is crucial to monitor it and recognise, assess and treat any mental health issues experienced by men in the perinatal period. This article offers an overview of this under-researched topic and provides guidance for health professionals in contact with future and young fathers.

Citation: Hanley J, Williams M (2017) Assessing and managing paternal mental health issues. Nursing Times [online]; 114: 12, 26-29.

Authors: Jane Hanley is honorary lecturer in perinatal mental health at Swansea University and course director at PMH Training; Mark Williams is an international campaigner and trainer in perinatal and paternal mental health.

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