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Last year I started the hashtag How are you Dad which is a sort of database to find latest research, stories and information where to get help!

As anyone who really knows my work I campaign for all parents but known for my work with dads as nobody was really shouting out about the importance of the fathers mental health in 2011 which when dad is unsupported can impact on the relationship, mum and of course the development of the child.

In 2016 I was asked and proud to become an ambassador for Mothers for Mothers charity which has been helping new mums with their mental health for over 38 years and so it was ideal to start together our new hashtag with this incredible organisation .

Maria Viner CEO of Mother for Mothers says “We have been supported by Mark in our work with Mothers and Fathers. We are very please that he is launching #howareyoumum?  in Mental Health Awareness Week. Mark and Mothers for Mothers are both passionate that all parents receive support”. 

Working together and sharing our knowledge is the way forward in mental health as Mothers for Mothers supports families affected by perinatal mental illness (PNI) across Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset since 1981. We offer support to women during pregnancy and until their youngest child attends school. Our services are delivered by women with lived experience of PNI. 

Our Helpline offers phone, text and online support, including weekly support calls at a pre-arranged time. Friends, family and healthcare professionals can also use it for advice, support, information and referrals.

We offer Home Visits for women who are too unwell to access services and activities outside of their home. 

Our Counselling and Art Psychotherapy Service offers mothers and fathers a safe place to explore their feelings with a non-judgemental and empathic listener and find ways to cope with difficulties.

We run four weekly Peer Support Groups, which provide a safe place for mothers to talk about how they feel with others who understand and connect with women having similar experiences. There are support workers and a play support worker at each group. Our four groups join together for social occasions and trips four times a year.  

So in Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 we now are to launch a platform to put your information, research and support for people to find them for all parents so please use the hashtag when posting.. Hope all ok, Best Regards Mark Williams.

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