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In-House Training Paternal Mental Health.

Men can suffer from mental illness and disorders and sometimes the advent of their partner’s pregnancy can have a significant impact. Often their mental health can be overlooked and it is important to ensure they are included in any assessment.

We believe in finding what your organisation and staff need when it comes to training as why we have produced a basic awareness course (3 hrs ) and a more in-depth course with Dr Jane Hanley. 

The course is interactive with exercises, scenarios and group work and is intended to provide the participant with a grounding in the role of fathers and paternal depression, to help them to understand the trajectory of the condition and to consider ways in which the participant can help families to overcome, what is often, a difficult time.

With the news recently of new and expectant fathers will be of checks and treatment under radical action to support families, National Health Trust England chief executive Simon Stevens announced (2 December 2018).

In the landmark move, the partners of pregnant women and new mothers who are themselves suffering from anxiety, depression or more severe disorders such as psychosis will be automatically offered a comprehensive mental health assessment and sign-posted to professional support if needed.

The expansion of perinatal mental health services, alongside wider health services, will be set out in the forthcoming 10 year plan, now is the right time to train your staff and gain a insight from Mark Williams from a livid experience, talking to dads and educated by Dr Jane Hanley. 

Phone me on 07472959889 or fathersreachingoutpmh@gmail.com

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