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Media Attention for Fathers Mental Health!

If you’re looking to get media coverage on fathers mental health or writing for magazine all can take time for myself but most important it can raise on the importance of fathers mental health.

I’m always open to do free talks and articles for everyone while having roughly around £400 which was put back into the then charity Fathers Reaching Out since starting in 2011.

I have been in the voluntary sector since 2006 and currently a football coach at the club that helped me as a child (The Wyndham Boys and Girls Club) . Also passionate about ADHD early prevention and support thanks to Zoe Piper ( ADHD Connections ) both doing incredible work with little money

I would if possible ask for any small donations as little from £10 to be send to these wonderful to help them while giving my own time for free, Please note if this is not possible I would be happy for any National publications and television/radio stations to still provide this awareness.

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