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My Mission Statement

Since 2006 I have become passionate about mental health since my wife Michelle had severe postnatal depression, my own struggles and of course the impact suicide had on my own community of Bridgend.

I have tried for many years to secure a wage to follow my dreams helping parents while campaigning for change in service, I have given hours and hours monthly voluntary while giving up shifts in the hospitals to attend meeting which even had a cost as I was paying for my own travel.

In January 2018 I came to the point I was ready to quit my work for my own mental health and the financial costs to my family. I wouldn’t change anything I have achieved but it had to come to the point I needed an income to carry on my work and add value for myself as I offered a very good job within the National Health Service.

The wisdom I have created after years of talking to parents I was told had value while from a personal experience also working with professionals in the world of mental health.

I struggled coming from a voluntary sector as my aim in 2011 was for nobody go through what we had gone through and still is today.

I would often give talks around the UK and even aboard for free which now is not sustainable. There is no organisation out there willing to fund my work and with business advice feel this is way forward.

As from today with the profits from the organisations I will help fund Fathers Reaching Out Lobby Group and give a number of free talks to organisations which has little e funding in my local area. – Mark Williams

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