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Time to Talk Day – Why I need to tell you I am moving on.

( Guys I am finishing my fathers work around perinatal mental health  speaking, training, campaigning and social media on International Fathers Mental Health Day 21st June 2021)

Before you read on please be aware I would never change a thing and my aim is to inspire people to do what I have done, to give light out of something so bad. As a family it has been and still is amazing with Michelle working in Mental Health as a Volunteer Coordinator, Advocate and Youth Worker and my son Ethan the most educated 14 year old in Mental Health in our community certainly.

Today I need to talk to you as its Time to Talk Day by Time to Change who made me a champion in 2012 and to tell you I am excited that I will have closure for me and my family for once and for all. Why do you ask, for me only personally it comes a time and an ending in everything I do in my life with that becomes a beginning and an exciting beginning for me and my family. 

I can only give 110 per cent in everything I do in my life which was taught to me by my dad and until June 2021 International Fathers mental Health day I will still get up 4.30am and follow my passion as I still have a few things to do before I decide to leave the perinatal mental health world. I have always given 110 percent wither it was to become a British Champion,  a raver, sales person, youth worker, sports coach, project development manager, dad, husband or even your friend.

People may know I am an International campaigner, author and keynote speaker on fathers mental health but for me it comes a time I need to move on after years of hours each day campaigning and living it daily causing anxiety of those dark days. I wanted to see that no ones goes through what we did as a family. To raise awareness I need to be in your face something I wasn’t and still not used too as I  enjoy helping people without people knowing if I am honest. Social media has been my worse and best friend.

The reality since starting the support group Fathers Reaching Out has had many more highs but certainly lows. It has changed my life most importantly answered so many questions and has changed how we feel about dads and their mental health and  I can wake up each day for the rest of my life know I have made a difference even saving lives.

The Highs : 

  1.  Spoken to and helped Dads and mums over the world,
  2. Campaigned successfully for NHS to acknowledge dads and to bring back the MBU Unit in Wales for families.
  3. Started International Fathers Mental Health Day as over 500,000 male suicide’s each year with the #Howareyoudad Campaign.
  4. Raisin awareness around the world on television, radio, journals, made films, magazines and working with passionate campaigners and so much more since I started.
  5. Its given me the confidence to speak with professors and doctors as before 2016 I had low self esteem when it comes to education. Meeting Dr Jane Hanley  and all you guys ( You know who you are).

The lows:

  1. Working away from my family and the impact on my own mental health. The debt on credit cards for me and Michelle ( Only ever had £400 for TV, Magazines etc (paid talks came in 2015) which was put back into campaign). Given false hopes and taken advantage of thinking everyone is in this game to help but a small percentage are in it for their own gains mostly organisation ( I have met 95 per cent fanastic passionate people)

My life changed when I talked to a dad who went through what I did in a gym years ago and that started my journey. Three weeks ago my life changed again after talking to Dafydd James an ex-professional rugby player and also yesterday a lady named Danelle who also wants to make a difference among the police force.

I have coached other people in the past to speak out and love it and that’s my new passion. #Motivation  #Inspire # Support In fact I have coached national champions and was a mentor in Sales since 1998. I wish someone helped me when I started campaigning in the early years.

You see when I started talking I could see a ripple effect and certainly when I first starting being a speaker in 2012 I would travel anywhere in the UK free and out of pocket from expenses and giving up hospital shifts while working in secure settings and among many other sector loving what I did at the time. You see my #HEROs is Michelle for supporting me and my Son Ethan for giving me hope and seeing a light while going down a tunnel of darkness.

I feel great  in my own mind I want to do the following until June 2021. I felt the changes while missing  going to parliament in December last year but with a ending i am back and will be doing the follow:

Can you help me?

  1. Travel around the World doing workshops, training and putting as much content on the internet to educate and still raise awareness when I completely finish with social media ( its a full time job some days)
  2. To campaign and put the responsibility on organisations to Make sure all parents during the antenatal and postnatal period are supported for their mental health including LGBT Community. Nice Guidelines (CG192) and The World Health Organisation to step up and include dads in screening for their mental health.
  3. To film my talks and even if someone knows a TED X Talks for people to view forever. Working on Universals Dads with Ross Cunningham.
  4. To pay off my debts and  to start doing coaching, motivational workshops and basic awareness around mental health in schools and organisation (HOME every night )
  5. To get other dads to speak at conferences when they are ready and pass on my new training to organisations  as a train the trainer package.

In July 2021 I want to inspire people like me who has ADHD or have been told they not good enough like I was told by teachers and mangers in the past and go into sports clubs as a mentor as that’s my other passion football.

I am so glad I have written this today for Time to Talk Day and my friends in the Perinatal Mental Health World as I already feeling better telling you and as we all know its……… Its good to #Talk

Thanks you so much and Hope your all ok….Mark xx

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