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World Maternal Mental Health Day

Organisations from around the world are leading efforts to raise awareness about maternal mental health through a collective social media push and in-country events. Mark Williams, from Ogmore Vale, Bridgend, Wales will be leading the global work for Dads’ Mental Health. Mark’s is one of the feworganisations to tackle the importance of fathers’ mental health and will be part of the push to increaseawareness to millions of fathers and families.

Perinatal depression and anxiety are significant mental and public health problems with well-documented consequences for mothers, children , fathers and families withthe illnessesaffecting millions of families across the world. Mark also campaignsfor more mother and baby units and is leading the way for fathers. He had depression himself in 2004 and after a complete breakdown, set up Fathers Reaching Out and Dads Matter UK. He has spoken hundreds of fathers over the last five years and has found that many turn to drink and/or drugs which can lead toanger and sometimes violence if help is not put in place. Mark also found that families are breaking upand bonding between the child and father can be severely affected if the father is depressed and unsupported.

Mark’s organisation, www.reachingoutpmh.co.uk is a  member of the initiative’s Task Force, which includes organisations from the UK, US, Canada, Turkey, Australia, Argentina, Malta, New Zealand, Spain, Germany and South Africa.

This Wednesday, 4th May, you can follow the first ever global ‪#‎WorldMMHDay on Twitter with the hashtag #‎MaternalMHmatters

More details here: http://maternalmentalhealthalliance.org/news/     &      World Maternal Mental Health Day

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